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Facts and Figures


Did you know that…….

  • Both Scouting and Girl guiding were started by Lord Baden Powell?
  • Both share the fundamental principles: Duty to God, Duty to others and Duty to self?
  • Both share the same promise:


On my honor, 

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country,

To help other people at all times 

and to obey the scouts law.

Girl guides

I promise on my honor that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country,

To help other people at all times,

And to obey the guides law.

  • Both have the same values that are embedded in the Scouts and Guides law.
  • Both develop the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and character of young people.
  • Both aim at developing responsible, reliable, patriotic, autonous and God fearing young people who are an asset to the society.
  • Joining both is voluntary
  • In both, scouts and girl guides are divided into two sections.
  • In both, to be a member you must go through an investiture (scouts) and enrolment (guides).
  • Both movements are essential to young people because it moulds them.
  • Both have the same areas of concern e.g reproductive health, conservation, literacy e.t.c
  • Both have programs for orphans and other disadvantaged.


• Both are two different movements with different offices and officials.

• One cannot belong to both, its either scouting or guiding.

• Both have designed their programs differently.

• Scouting was started in 1910 in Kenya while girl guide was started in 1915 in Kenya.

• Scouting is for both girls and boys.

• Guiding is for girls.

• Scout uniform is Khaki trouser or short and shirt or full khaki dress.

• Guides uniform for brownies is brown dress while guides wear blue full dress and rangers navy blue skirt and white blouse while the leaders wear full blue dress.