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The scout movement was first introducing in Ethiopia around the year 1933. Unfortunately the association was forced to terminate its noble activates due to the break out of the Ethio-Italian war of 1938-1943.

The revival effort came in to being in 1948 hence forth Ethiopia youths actively began involving them selves in scouting activities and got foot hold in the schools of Ethiopia. For its two and half decades of existence the scout association of Ethiopia made numerous strides in various schools and thought to become good citizens.

Sadly, the association encountered its second demise in the late 1960s, when the Marxist military regime(DERG) dissolve the association and confiscated its properties and fund.

The accusation was that the religions value enshrined in the scout promises were incompatible with the philosophy pursued by the regime.

Fortunately, after twenty years of untiring effort with the emergence of the democratic system and in accordance with the proclamation number 512/59, the scout movement was re-established in 1995. The national scout association of Ethiopia has been re-admitted in to the world brother hood at the world conference in Greece in July 2002.